Syk Houdeib

Front-end Developer

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Syk Houdeib||@Syknapse

Front-end Developer

JavaScript, React, CSS

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Front-end Developer

Lola Market - Madrid

  • Responsibilities: Include developing full features for the web app and the back-office tools. Maintaining and improving the codebase. Participation in the development and the decision-making of the team.
  • Working with: Backbone, Wintersmith, React, Redux, Gulp, Webpack, Git, Agile.
  • Highlights: Full internationalisation of the platform. Migrating Backbone legacy code to React. Making the entire site responsive.


About me

I'm a career-changer who moved into tech at 40. I took the self-directed route and made the switch in 10 months. I used to be a teacher and I loved working with kids. I love to play and listen to music. I geek out on science and linguistics, I'm interested in history and maps, and I'm a passionate debater (level: Mediterranean) 🙂

My goals

I would like my first five years in this sector to be about building my skills and knowledge as well as actively participating in the community and in making it a better and more accessible place for everyone. I like to be an advocate for diversity in tech, #WomenWhoCode, career-changers, code-newbies, and to get involved in teaching coding skills.


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